October 17 – 20, 2024



Call to Artists

Applications for BLINK 2024 are now closed.

Thank you to all the artists who applied to make Cincinnati shine and turn the queen city into one of the most transformative art experiences in the nation!

BLINK, Illuminated by ArtsWave, returns to Cincinnati on October 17-20, 2024.


The people of the future city are united and enlightened. In the blink of an eye their hearts and minds glow with the radiance of transcendent knowing. Knowing the light of a thousand tomorrows of opportunity and hope. Knowing the light that shines from their hearts is all that was ever needed to stay in the darkness of ignorance and poverty. Not here they said. Not in our shining future city. They work and play and draw the light from one another until it outshines the sun. The light inside revealed in all. The only light that matters. Together they shine with celebration, laughter and labor shared for all the world to see and in the blink of an eye their radiance is undeniable.


2024 Artist Timeline:

  • Tuesday, September 19, 2023 – Applications Open 

  • September – December – Multiple opportunities to meet and engage with the BLINK project team on your application (see schedule of engagement opportunities below) 

  • Friday, December 15, 2023 – Applications Close 

  • January - February 2024 – Artist Interviews Scheduled for selected artists 

  • March 2024 – Selected artists notified via Email, Contracts Distributed 

  • March - April 2024 – Light-Based Artists and Projection Artists Meetings or Online Calls with BLINK team 

  • April 2024 – Signed contracts returned and First Milestone Payment Requested – 25% or honorarium (Lighted and Projection Artists)  

  • June 2024 -  Artists Check-in meetings or virtual calls.

  • July 2024 – Second Milestone Payment Requested – 50% of honorarium (Lighted and Projection Artists) 

  • August 2024 – Artists Check-in meetings or virtual calls.  

  • September 2024 – Final Milestone Payment Requested – 25% of honorarium (Lighted and Projection Artists) 

  • September 20, 2024 – Deadline for Final Projection project delivery (Projection Mapping only) 

  • October 11-16, 2024 – Installation of light-based works begin  

  • October 17-20, 2024 – Artwork is Exhibited (All-Lights On) 

  • October 20-22, 2024 – Art is de-installed  

  • November 2024 – Photography and Content packages for each installation will be sent by the BLINK project team to artists. 


Opportunity Size + Locations + Budget Details  

Our passion is helping to realize and illuminate as many projects as possible. The BLINK project team is grateful to receive proposals and interest from artists, collectives and creatives from the Cincinnati region and all over the globe. Funding and space is however limited and the selection process is highly competitive. Please carefully review the following opportunities, project qualifications and budget considerations.


Mural Paintings, Light-Based Installations, Projection Mapping

In 2024 we will work to: 

Curate 12-15 new permanent murals  

  • Murals are our most limited opportunity and the medium with the highest emphasis of bringing in world-class artists from outside the Cincinnati region. The BLINK project team aims to add to the vibrant and storied history of public art in Cincinnati by building onto our portfolio of public art in and around the Findlay Market neighborhood.  
  • Inquiring muralists should have demonstrated history and experience of producing large-scale public murals.  
  • Mural site selection will be determined by the BLINK project team and discussed with the mural artists in advance of the event.

Exhibit 30-40 temporary lighted installations

  • Lighted-art installations can vary in size and budget with the majority of projects being funded with a $3,500-$12,500 honorarium range. While there are opportunities for funding outside of this range, we ask you to consider projects you can realize inside of this budget and only submit projects outside of this budget with the understanding that they may disqualify you for consideration.  
  • Installation locations will be assigned in advance after an artist has been selected. When applying, if you have an installation location in mind within the normal BLINK footprint, we encourage you to tell us where you feel your work would show best. Final installation locations are determined by the BLINK project team and are subject to change at our discretion at any time for any reason.  
  • Please note, artists applying for light-based installations  are not responsible for the cost of power, security, or site rentals. Artists are responsible for securing the necessary labor required to install and de-install their installation in the scheduled timeline.  

Illuminate 30-35 projection/digital animation installations

  • Inquiring artists should demonstrate history and/or experience of designing/producing digital design/animations.
  • Projection Mapping and Digital Art + Animation projects will be assigned a location (building or mural) at the discretion of the BLINK project team. If you have an idea or proposed project site for your work, please let us know where you are most inspired to work, and the BLINK project team will discuss it with you if you are selected for a project interview. Requested sites/murals are not guaranteed.  
  • Projection artists will be provided with hi-resolution photos and a pixel map of their projection location, however artists will be responsible for creating/implementing their own methods and models to generate the projection installation.  
  • Honorarium stipends for projection mapping/digital animation installations typically range between $7,500-$12,500 depending on the level of complexity of the project site and quality of work expected.
  • Please note, projection/animation artists are not responsible for any costs associated with equipment rental (media servers, projectors, lenses, scaffolding, etc.), power, security, or staffing of their installations.  Projection/animation artists are responsible for the creation and digital delivery of their artwork.
  • Projection/animation artists will work with a dedicated BLINK project team for all project management aspects of their commission, including regular check-ins, virtual calls, Slack messages, and project milestone requirements.  

Light-Based Art Information

  • All applications must consider how light can transform their works of art and address at least one or more of the event goals: collaboration, audience engagement and transformation. 

  • BLINK looks to exhibit a range of projects that vary in scale, and we work within a range of site opportunities that can host small, medium, and large-scale installations. 

  • Historically, selected works have included sculptures, performances, projections, photography, LED, film, digital media and interactive art. 

  • All works and performances must be free, accessible, and open to the public during the entire BLINK event. 

  • Works of art or performances that advertise a commercial product or brand will not be accepted.  

  • BLINK is a family-friendly event, and work must be appropriate for all ages. 

  • While the calls for muralists and projection mapping artists are a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) the call for lighted-art installations is a Request for Proposals (RFP). We require more information in advance to consider your selection, and ask that you submit a complete BLINK concept proposal, including supporting images, concept proposal budget, artist statement, CV, artist bio, and five to ten past work samples with a corresponding image list. Incomplete or late proposals will not be accepted. 


Projection, Digital Art + Animation Information

  • Applications for projection and digital art / animation projects should seek to tell a story. The most memorable BLINK projection shows in the past have had some sort of a storyline or progression that takes viewers on a journey. Consider what story your submission tells.  

  • Artists should describe their experience and specify interest in either architectural projection mapping, projection mapping onto murals, statues, or other surfaces, as applicable. Please describe your talents and approach to this discipline and any demonstrated previous work experience.  

  • The call for projection artists is a Request for Qualifications (RFQ). We do not require that you submit the specific work that you plan to show/design, however you should include enough conceptual materials and information to give the BLINK project team a sense of your vision.

  • Projection projects have a mandatory requirement to integrate music + sound design into the digital artwork presentation. Please let us know in your application how you would like to integrate music + sound into your projection show.  

  • Interactive projection installations are encouraged. As the art form continues to evolve with technology, more and more opportunities to interact with the audience become available. Does your work create moments for the audience to participate,engage or become part of the work? Please describe any interactive components in your application. 


Mural Artists Information

We strive to curate a world-class outdoor art gallery in the heart of Cincinnati around the Findlay Market district. Applications for BLINK murals should reflect this ethos and strategy of our mural program. Requests for mural locations outside of this footprint are likely to be declined. 

How does your work add to our collection? 

  • Our goal is to continuously add to a best-in-class collection of murals around the Findlay Market District. How does your work add to the collection’s quality and breadth? Why will someone walk an extra block to see your work? What makes it unique and/or complimentary to the existing body of work.

Show your work 

  • Murals are challenging to execute and they take practice and skill. Interested applicants should demonstrate and show past experience that exemplifies your ability to paint at a large scale with excellence.


When will artists be notified of acceptance?

Artist interviews will take place in January and February of 2024, followed by a notification of acceptance in March of 2024.

Are artist applications still open?

Applications for 2024 are now closed. Thank you to all who applied.

Will artists be compensated?

If accepted, artists will be awarded an honorarium or commission to complete their proposed artwork for BLINK. Honorarium or commission size is dependent on the scale and complexity of the piece, as well as the experience of the artist and available funds. Please see the above information across each discipline for information on honorarium stipend amounts for each discipline.

When will applications for musicians and parade participants open?

Applications for musicians and parade participants will open at a later time. Stay tuned!

I have a property or venue I think would be perfect for BLINK. How do I get involved?

Please use the property owner and venue interest form to get in touch with us: https://form.jotform.com/231854370753156