October 17 – 20, 2024




BLINK® illuminated by ArtsWave, is the nation’s largest public light and art event.

From its first event in 2017, BLINK’s founding team sought to nurture a sense of community and connection through public art. They came together, a collection of creatives, entrepreneurs, local artists, art enthusiasts and arts supporters, wanting to show Cincinnati what a future city could be – through an unforgettable art experience. They also wanted to show the world what Cincinnati had to offer, to solidify it as a hub of creativity, forward-thinking conversations, and aspirational ideas. Light was the medium. It is fundamental to the human experience. It connects us all. It can illuminate a path toward inclusion and possibility. What they didn’t know was how much connection it would drive. How it would light up a city, the humans within it and become a beacon of light for our city and beyond.

Now in its fourth iteration, BLINK has become more than a gift to the city. It attracts artists from around the globe who believe in its mission. It attracts over 2 million people who walk the city’s blocks in wonder and amazement. It crosses a river and connects a region. It provides a $126 million economic impact to our region. But it also still connects us. 

We welcome everyone to experience the light, the art, and our community.