October 17 – 20, 2024



BLINK Parade


The BLINK parade is a cherished tradition and ritual. This art-and-light filled community celebration serves as the official opening ceremony of the BLINK four-day event opening on Thursday, October 17, 2024.

We invite artists, arts institutions, community, cultural and youth members and groups to come together to create a joyous spectacle of light. Together, we invite you to travel through the streets of our Future City adorned in illuminated costumes, carrying lighted props, puppets and luminous sculptures, and making music, to brightly inspire thousands. Journeying through the ceremony, the line between spectators and participants becomes blurred. United in light, we share in the awe, hope, wonder and excitement of the days to come. 

Add your thread to this beautiful ribbon of life and light. A moment woven together with all our differences giving way to a higher current. We welcome all to embrace this moment and to collectively, let it shine


BLINK 2024 Parade Timeline:

  • Tuesday, May 21st 2024 - Application Opens
  • May - July - Inquiries and consultation opportunities, invitations and rolling applications
  • July 2024 - Community Workshops begin
  • Sunday, August 4th, 2024 - Applications Close
  • August 23rd, 2024 - Communication to all applicants, awards and selections
  • August 30th, 2024 - Participation contracts distributed
  • September 2024 - Progress and design check ins 
  • October 2024 - Parade dress rehearsal/walk through (evening rehearsal)
  • October 17, 2024 - Opening Ceremony & Parade begins after sundown

Expectations & Requirements: All Parade entries must:

  • Feature light as a main component - entries without light or with too minimal light elements may not be accepted
  • Be inclusive, family friendly, and accessible to a wide audience (no political or campaign canvassing, derogatory language or images)
  • Not show hatred or bias against any identity, culture, or group
  • Represent yourself! - while cultural appreciation is acceptable, groups or entries desiring to celebrate/reference a particular cultural identity, should include members who represent that culture/identity
  • Be human-powered (no automobiles*)
  • Include at least 10 physically present participants (this excludes kinetic sculpture/puppets)
  • Be less than 16ft in height (to fit under traffic lights)

* Organizers will work with groups/entries requiring physical accommodations/motorized assistance, however, a limited number of motorized vehicles will be permitted.



1. Are all applicants automatically accepted?

Unfortunately due to the number of entries and performance time constraints, organizers may not be able to accept all applications. All interested individuals/groups are encouraged to apply!

2. When will applicants be notified of acceptance? 

All applicants, regardless of acceptance, will be notified by Aug 23, 2024.

3. Is there funding available to support my/our participation? 

Limited funds are available; not all applicants will receive funding. In some case, funds will be awarded based on artistic merit, commission, and need

4. Is there a minimum/maximum number of participants our group can include?

For groups entering with kinetic sculpture/puppets - no minimum number of human participants is required. All other types of entries should include a minimum of 10 participants. There are no maximum participant restrictions (show up and show off!).

5. Can I participate as an individual? (Do I have to be a part of a group to participate?)

For logistical and safety reasons, individual applicants may be combined with other individuals/groups if accepted.

6. What happens if my group is awarded and we cannot meet the minimum requirements?

Due to limited time constraints not all applying groups may be accepted. In light of this (pun intended), BLINK reserves the right to rescind any acceptance/participation/financial awards to any groups who cannot meet entry requirements.

For additional information or questions regarding your Parade Application, please contact: shalom@ishfestival.org

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