Calendar October 17 – 20, 2024

Pin Cincinnati,OH


Art and Artists

Oct 13 Thursday

7PM - 9PM Court Street Stage DJ Wavy Moe
7PM - 8PM Fountain Square Stage Culture Queer
7PM - 9PM Hanna Park Stage Abiyah
7PM - 8PM The Banks Stage Leo Pastel
7PM - 8PM Washington Park Stage Olivia Meade
7PM - 9PM Ziegler Park Stage DJ Mowgli
8PM - 9PM Covington Stage Sundae Drives
8PM - 8PM Fountain Square Stage Noah Wotherspoon
8PM - 9PM The Banks Stage Bill Donaldson
8PM - 9PM Washington Park Stage The Mistics
9PM - 10PM Court Street Stage The Tillers Duo
9PM - 10PM Covington Stage On the One
9PM - 10PM Fountain Square Stage Cole Baker
9PM - 11PM Hanna Park Stage Animal Crackers
9PM - 10PM The Banks Stage Maria Carrelli
9PM - 10PM Washington Park Stage Soul Criminal
9PM - 10PM Ziegler Park Stage Harp by Victoria
10PM - 11PM Court Street Stage Gracetet
10PM - 11PM Covington Stage Elijah Baston
10PM - 11PM Fountain Square Stage K-Drama
10PM - 11PM The Banks Stage New Royals
10PM - 11PM Washington Park Stage The Golden Theory
10PM - 11PM Ziegler Park Stage Aimee Jo

Oct 14 Friday

6:30PM - 7:15PM Music Hall CSO PROOF: SUN DOGS
7PM - 8PM Court Street Stage Lemon Sky
7PM - 8PM Covington Stage Coast Off
7PM - 8PM Fountain Square Stage Renchler
7PM - 9PM Hanna Park Stage Noah I Mean
7PM - 8PM The Banks Stage Shiny Old Soul
7PM - 11PM Washington Park Stage MUSE Women's Choir
7PM - 8PM Ziegler Park Stage Near Earth Objects
8PM - 9PM Court Street Stage Carriers
8PM - 9PM Covington Stage Slow Glows
8PM - 9PM Fountain Square Stage Physco
8PM - 9PM The Banks Stage Moses
8PM - 9PM Ziegler Park Stage The Electric indigo
8:30PM - 9:15PM Music Hall CSO PROOF: SUN DOGS
9PM - 10PM Court Street Stage Coastal Club
9PM - 10PM Covington Stage Sungaze
9PM - 10PM Fountain Square Stage Mandy Gaines
9PM - 10:30PM Hanna Park Stage Matt FX
9PM - 10PM The Banks Stage Devin Burgess
9PM - 10PM Ziegler Park Stage Mynah Tones
10PM - 11PM Court Street Stage Just Strange Brothers
10PM - 11PM Covington Stage Moonbeau
10PM - 11PM Fountain Square Stage 3SideSayge
10PM - 11PM The Banks Stage The Heavy Hours
10PM - 11PM Ziegler Park Stage Siri Imani
10:30PM - 11PM Hanna Park Stage Matt FX
10:30PM - 11PM Hanna Park Stage Sons of Silverton

Oct 15 Saturday

6:30PM - 7:15PM Music Hall CSO PROOF: SUN DOGS
7PM - 8PM Covington Stage Sign Language
7PM - 8PM Fountain Square Stage Deuces II
7PM - 11PM Hanna Park Stage Enderrr
7PM - 8PM The Banks Stage Dead Humor
7PM - 8PM Washington Park Stage Freedom Nicole Moore
7PM - 8PM Ziegler Park Stage Abby Vice
8PM - 9PM Court Street Stage National Barks
8PM - 9PM Covington Stage Spooky Dreamland
8PM - 9PM Fountain Square Stage Keeps
8PM - 9PM The Banks Stage El Ritmo del Manana
8PM - 9PM Washington Park Stage The Harlequins
8PM - 9PM Ziegler Park Stage Cultivate Movement Studios (including groups of Anaya Belly Dance, Cincinnati Kung Fu & Akela Island Dance)
8:30PM - 9:15PM Music Hall CSO PROOF: SUN DOGS
9PM - 10PM Court Street Stage Bailey Miller
9PM - 10PM Court Street Stage Cybele
9PM - 10PM Fountain Square Stage Leggy
9PM - 10PM The Banks Stage Hydrophonics
9PM - 10PM Washington Park Stage Vacation
9PM - 10PM Ziegler Park Stage Mol Sullivan
10PM - 11PM Court Street Stage Us, Today
10PM - 11PM Covington Stage Daniel Bennett & the Dirty Shirleys
10PM - 11PM Fountain Square Stage Kendall Parke
10PM - 11PM Hanna Park Stage Ernie Johnson From Detroit
10PM - 11PM The Banks Stage Romel Sims & the 21c Strings
10PM - 11PM Washington Park Stage Black Signal
10PM - 11PM Ziegler Park Stage Mike Wade and the Nasty Nati Brass Band

Oct 16 Sunday

6:30PM - 7:15PM Music Hall CSO PROOF: SUN DOGS
7PM - 8PM Court Street Stage Heist
7PM - 8PM Covington Stage The Moon & the Stars
7PM - 8PM Fountain Square Stage All The Things
7PM - 8PM Second Sunday on Main Stage Rachel Miller
7PM - 8PM The Banks Stage Queen City Silver Stars
7PM - 8PM Washington Park Stage Highway to Health
8PM - 9PM Court Street Stage Chris Comer Trio
8PM - 9PM Covington Stage New Moons
8PM - 9PM Fountain Square Stage We Are The Walrus
8PM - 9PM Second Sunday on Main Stage Preston Bell Charles II
8PM - 9PM The Banks Stage Bershy
8PM - 9PM Washington Park Stage Tastefull
8:30PM - 10PM Hanna Park Stage Colemine Records DJ
9PM - 10PM Court Street Stage Go Go Buffalo
9PM - 10PM Covington Stage Daniel in Stereo
9PM - 10PM Fountain Square Stage Sound The Alarm
9PM - 10PM Second Sunday on Main Stage Jess Lamb and The Factory
9PM - 10PM The Banks Stage Multimagic
9PM - 10PM Washington Park Stage DarkWave / Ready Player One Theme