Calendar October 17 – 20, 2024

Pin Cincinnati,OH



Immerge Interactive, founded by President and Lead creative Nicholas Lavella, is a Philadelphia based studio specializing in interactive video and lighting design.

Immerge focuses on creating unique pieces, beginning with foundational LED sculptures called 'Elements’. These primary geometric shapes, such as squares, columns, rings, and fences, are designed to be modular and scalable for public art and performance spaces.

These ‘Elements’ have been showcased within various installations, such as Fenses, a 7ft tall, 72ft long interactive LED installation, first commissioned for Canal Convergence by Scottsdale Arts of Scottsdale, AZ in 2020. Emerge, a 2019 collaboration with IMRSV Arts, of Berlin, Germany, at the Philly Art Collective Gallery also made use of ‘Elements’. Utilizing wireless sensors, Emerge tracked each viewer's heart rate to create real-time lighting designs while experiencing musical performances.

It is through both public and commercial installations that Immerge explores interactivity, data- visualization, and generative patterns within liminal spaces.

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