We want you to be part of Cincinnati history! More than 500,000 attendees are expected to attend the four-day event and will be looking for experiences like the ones your business provides. Let them know you’re part of this unique event by becoming an official BLINK partner.

We encourage you decorate your storefront and to create special offers, unique menu items, and crazy cocktails during BLINK weekend! We are also offering a free kit of items to help you engage with locals and travelers from around the country that will visit your location during the weekend. In similar art events around the world, we have found that retailers who activate with event branding have significantly more traffic and sales than those who do not. 

The kit includes: 

• BLINK window cling - each kit includes individual pieces in various sizes so the display can be customized for your storefront
• (2) BLINK posters
• Access to digital toolkit – branded art work, social media templates,  menu templates
• Fact sheet with key event information to share with staff and customers
• Inclusion under “Things to Do” section of the BLINK website
• Listed in the “Things to Do” section of the official BLINK event  guide section
• Copies of the official event guide delivered to your location prior to the event

The deadline to be included in the printed guide is October 3.
You may still place an order after October 3 and will receive a window cling kit and digital assets, as well as a listing on our website.

To order a BLINK Retail Kit, simply complete the form below.
Kits will be distributed to your location in late September/early October.
Have questions? Get in touch with us by emailing info@blinkcincinnati.com.

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Provide a brief description of your organization - this may appear in the official event guide or on our website. (For example, The creative, farm-inspired menu changes frequently, feature inventive New American Cuisine)
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