What is BLINK?
BLINK is a light and art event that features large-scale architectural projection mapping, light-based sculptures and installations, brand-new murals and interactive art. BLINK spans 20-city blocks in Downtown Cincinnati from the Banks of the Ohio River to Findlay Market.

What is projection mapping?
Projection mapping is the art of turning unusual or irregularly shaped objects – such as buildings – into a video projection surface. Using specialized software, the artist is able to make the space come alive with animations, optical illusions and notions of movement.

Are tickets needed?
No tickets are needed. BLINK is completely free and open to the public!

What are the dates of the event? 
BLINK will be held October 10-13, 2019.

What are the hours? 
Stay tuned for upcoming hours!

When is the parade? 
The inaugural BLINK parade was held Thursday, October 12, 2017. More than 2,000 participants, including members of local school, civic and church groups, illuminated themselves and made their way on Vine Street from Findlay Market to Cincinnati’s Washington Park. Stay tuned for 2019 parade date!

Do I need to arrive at BLINK at a certain time in order to catch the shows? 
No. All projection mapping shows are between 3-10 mins in length and are on a continuous loop so you can arrive at any time. 

Is each night the same? 
Yes. Each night will feature the same shows and art installations. The parade only takes place on opening night. The bands and live entertainment also vary each night.

Do I need to start at a specific location? 
No. There is no specific location where you need to start. However, we recommend starting at the Northern most point of the event and working your way south or vice versa. 

How should I navigate between each installation? 
BLINK is designed around the Cincinnati Bell Connector Streetcar route. Guests can walk from each installation and can also take the streetcar and get off at each stop to view installations. Guests can purchase a full-day streetcar pass for $2. Tickets can be purchased via the kiosk at each streetcar stop or purchased ahead of time via the CincyEZ Ride app. 

Will there be food and beverages available? 
Yes. Food, Pepsi products, water and alcoholic beverages are available in multiple locations throughout the event. 

How can I get involved with or volunteer for BLINK?
From greeting attendees and helping them maneuver throughout the city, to working hands-on with some of the showcased artwork and artists, BLINK has a broad range of volunteer opportunities. Check our volunteer page for opportunities.