Situated somewhere between street art, pottery, paintings, sculpture and jewelry, NeSpoon is a Polish street artist. On a mission to embroider the world, she enriches the already diverse urban art with her own unique brand of lace art.

By using intricate doily patterns, the artist beautifies abandoned and unadorned spaces in unlikely urban jungles, transforming them into stunning works of art. Her process is based on an almost forgotten tradition of doily making, but NeSpoon has managed to take this humble domestic trait, successfully apply it in the streets (and on a much larger scale), giving the practice new possibilities, and new life.

'From lace murals and etched images to 3D lace installations perfectly attached to everyday things and intricate filigree in walls, trees or cracks in the sidewalks, she often provides harsh cityscapes with a new softness. Always working with respect for the spot and the local context, NeSpoon finds her inspiration in the local textile traditions. By choosing an art form associated with women, she celebrates its femininity and harmony it creates.

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