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Applications Now Open

Applications Now Open


Calendar October 17 – 20, 2024

Pin Cincinnati,OH



The Department of Emerging Technology in Business and Design strives to instruct students in the latest methods of content creation. Using generative and real time tools we create experiences for video games, projection mapping, virtual production and interactive installations. This year, the students from the Creative Direction in Entertainment Design class produced the piece using Touch Designer, Notch, Unreal Engine and traditional animation tools to execute their vision.
The Class:
Suhayla Batal
Daniel Cardenas
Madison Cox
Madison Cobb
JJ Garvey
Connor Harmon
Erica Kerman
Cody Luketic
Deckard Manne
Irene Nicholson
Evan Sweeney
Lily Venerable
Instructor: Ben Nicholson

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