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Kyle Eli is an artist living in Cincinnati Ohio. Kyle constantly has his hand in multiple branding, design, film and animation projects. From directing commercials to crafting installations he rarely takes a break. Kyle is an ambitious dabbler. While getting his formal education in Graphic Design he continued pursuing film animation and photography. Kyle was one of three people selected for the People’s liberty Haile Fellowship in 2019. During the fellowship Kyle researched how to preserve the spirit of the changing Findlay Market neighborhood and lead a initiative to fill the Findlay Market coolers with over 300 feet of artwork created by the neighboring artists and shoppers. Kyle’s won numerous awards, including Eight ADDYs and two National Merit Advertising Awards, and has become an advocate for Mental Illness amongst creatives. Kyle Eli has been featured as an Artist & Animator in both 2017 & 2019 BLINK Cincinnati Festivals.

You can follow Kyle on Instagram @eliebersole or check out is work at

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