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Applications Now Open


Calendar October 17 – 20, 2024

Pin Cincinnati,OH



HYBYCOZO is the collaborative studio of Serge Beaulieu and Yelena Filipchuk. The work consists of larger than life geometric sculptures, often with patterns and textures that draw on inspirations from mathematics, science, and natural phenomena. Their works celebrate the inherent beauty of geometric form and pattern, and compose them in ways that harmonize the experience of sculpture, light, and shadow. HYBYCOZO is short for The Hyperspace Bypass Construction Zone and represents the artists ongoing journey investigating the myriad dimensions of geometry.

They have permanent public artworks around the world from Dubai to Istanbul, Las Vegas, Sacramento, New Zealand, and the SF Bay Area. They have shown globally in Singapore, Brazil, Australia, and Canada and have been exhibited with institutions such as The Smithsonian, The Cincinnati museum of art, The Oakland Museum of California, and The Sharjah Museam of Art in the UAE.

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