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The DogFish is crewed by a multi-disciplinary team of doers, creators and makers. Together, we are excited to share a bit of the magic of Burning Man with Cincinnati.

LORI GORDON - DogFish Co-Owner
Designer and long time burner, Lori Gordon works for a large hospitality company that embraces “throw the party” as one of their core values. She has been throwing the party herself for over 30 years! From small intimate group parties and trips, too planning and overseeing one of OTRs largest parties every year.

MIKE WIEDOWER - DogFish Co-Owner
Mike Wiedower has been living in Cincinnati for 27 years working in the restaurant hospitality industry, where he has been uniting people and communities through his passion for food. He is excited to share and bring his fresh ideas and skills to Blink 2022.

Owner and Founder of Sediment Design, Branden has become a fixture in the design + build community in Cincinnati. Sediment’s work can be seen in bars, restaurants, retail stores and more all over the city and Branden also has been involved in projects in the first two years of BLINK.

Christian is passionate about creating memorable experiences and installations. Signage, and environmental graphic design are his day-to-day but his work has begun to move towards experiential, light-based artworks including the first two years of BLINK and a recent Grand Prize award in ArtPrize - a international art competition held in Grand Rapids, MI. Christian joined the DogFish crew at his first Burning Man in 2019.

Prior to a recent pivot to nursing, Lauren worked as a project and events coordinator for a variety of businesses with a specialty in Non-Profits. Lauren helps keep the team on track and always adds her infectious energy to the party. Lauren joined the DogFish crew at her first Burning Man in 2019.

Cofounder of Cincinnati-based AlloyFX and 12 time Burning Man attendee, Marc has extensive experience in events with over 50 trade shows in last 10 years. Marc brings expertise in truss & rigging, lighting, and both VR & AR experiences.

An artist with an analytical side. Blends the creative and crazy with
the functional and practical. He makes things work, repairs the broken, solves the possibly impossible. Designer, builder, maker, doer.

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